NO EXCUSES! Hotel room workout

If you have a significant travel schedule, fitting in a workout can be difficult. Tired, too busy, not enough time, clients to entertain, burgers to eat – the excuses are many and I personally like to use them all!

However, with a little effort you can work out while on the road:

  • Most hotels nowadays have a gym, even if only a basic one, some even have a pool
  • Local gyms – you can get a 1-3 day trial or buy a day pass. Google nearby gyms in advance
  • Treat yourself and get a massage – use this as a recovery session!
  • Go for a run – a great way to explore your local surroundings

If the above are not feasible, all you need is 20 minutes, yourself and a hotel room. You can do a bodyweight session and get a solid workout from the relative comfort of your hotel room. With the exercises below, construct a workout with any number of combinations. A great, quick workout to do after getting off a plane or a long day of meetings.

Example workouts can entail:
15-30 reps of each exercise with 30-60 seconds rest
15 minutes straight through with 10-30 reps per exercise.

Warm up (5 mins):

  • Walk – pace in your hotel room, walk on the spot
  • Run on the spot – high knees, butt kicks
  • Dynamic stretching – examples here
  • Jumping jacks, squats, push ups, lunges
  • Shadow boxing

Aim for at least 15 minutes of working hard to get value out of the workout. My favourite is to work through continuously for 15 minutes alternating between legs, core and upper body exercises. Gets the heart rate going! You can also include some of the warm-up exercises in the workout itself. For each of the following exercises there are plenty of videos and images on the internet if you need a description or to check your form.


  • Split Squat – stand with one foot on a chair behind you and squat down
  • Single Leg Deadlift – Stand on one foot with other foot behind you
  • Squats – keep them controlled, and watch your knees!
  • Jump squats – as above with a 6-12” jump added. Don’t bang your head on the ceiling!


  • Push up variations:
    Traditional: focus on good form
    Decline Push up: place feet on your bed or a chair, arms on floor
    Incline push ups: feet on floor with hands on desk
  • Inverted Shoulder Press: Feet on a chair or bed, get in push up position and raise hips
  • Luggage Rows: use your suitcase as the weight (I saw this on
  • Tricep Dips: Arms on a chair. Can also put your feet on the bed


  • Plank: hold the pose for 60+ seconds, or until your body starts to sag
  • Crunches: there are hundreds of variations to keep it fresh. Focus on driving with the abs rather than pulling the head & neck

Remember to cool down and stretch at the end of each workout.

In addition, it can be difficult on the road but try and get plenty of rest – get to bed early and take advantage of those nice comfortable hotel beds!
Eat well – it is often easier said than done but stick to your normal diet, otherwise you will return feeling bloated and lethargic. Say NO to the burger!

Enjoy, and let me know what your favorite hotel exercises/workouts are.

What do you think?

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