Links of the week 06-01-2012

Some of the better time wasting I found this week:

A Hawaiian IM training day in the life of pro triathlete Linsey Corbin (Video from – she comes across really well, and makes me want to go on a Hawaii training camp. Right now.

Hollie Avil, British triathlete calls it a day. Brave of her to speak up. Makes me sad as a coach that this happens. Our responsibilities go so far beyond the physical training. We are there to motivate and support as well.

On a lighter note, David Attenborough – What A Wonderful World. This will make you feel better if you have had a bad day/week.

Slinky on a treadmill: am I the only one who feels like this when running at the gym?

100 reasons to work out today: just in case you were tempted to skip practice. Get out there!

And while we’re on top 100 lists, here are the 100 best workout songs of ALL TIME: Build some new playlists for summer!

The benefits of yoga and why every athlete should do it. Rich Roll is everywhere at the moment, promoting his book, and he has some good stuff to offer.


What do you think?

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