What is the toughest part of a triathlon?

What makes it tough?

How do you try and improve that particular leg?

Let me know in the comments section. I will post tips on how to improve specific areas that you struggle with in the coming weeks.


  1. photographydream

    Running, for sure. I don’t suffer from jelly legs but I am just not a runner. No matter how fit I get, my running really sucks. My heart rate spikes, my lungs collapse and I am dragging myself along the route… Why can’t they have Swim, Cycle, Rollerblade?

    • coacheamon

      Cycling is my nemesis. I’d like a swim, swim, run. Or swim, eating contest, run – I’d be confident about that one. With regards to running, lots of easy, aerobic running will build your stamina. I used to suck at running (and still do!) but it improved vastly through working on my technique (short, fast strides) and running regularly.

      • photographydream

        Not sure if I wouldn’t leave the eating contest for last. I can’t even run after having a gel, leave alone dessert.
        Cycling is not so bad, I find. Once you have had your bicycle set up properly for you (and it pays off to pay for it) and you’re quite comfortable on the bike, the rest should fall into place. Having said that, the guy from my cycle shop told me when I bought my first bike that I have a “cycling physique” whatever that meant. Spending long hours on the bike helps with the bonding process, too. But the most important thing is to have a bike that you actually like and not one that you bought because you could afford it. I’m only just realizing that now. There’ll be a new bike next year.

        I do work on my runs but I don’t seem to be getting there… maybe more cycle-brick sessions will help.

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