WOW! Swim Workout of the Week – “Core” blimey, this is hard!

Cor, blimey“, a bit of slang in England, is an excalamation of surprise.

The goal of this session is to highlight the role your core plays in swimming and put it to good use. I want my swimmers to think “cor, blimey” as they perform drills, and then transfer that to some longer swimming. It should be an eye opener as the power from their core is highlighted, and for many it will end with sore abs!

The main set’s focus is smooth swimming, building on the drill set and using the core rather than the arms to drive forward & rotate. The first part of the set is designed to fatigue the arms, forcing the swimmer to use the core in order to maintain form. The second part is then a longer aerobic set, the primary focus is form and engaging the core.

On a side note, “Fist drill” is almost the opposite, in that it highlights the role of the forearms and teaches the swimmer to not just focus on their hands.

Warm up: 200m as 50m swim, kick, drill, swim

Drills: 2x (4×50) as 3 drill, 1 swim
#1) Kick with hands by sides, rotating the body every 6 kicks, and to breathe. Focus is using the core.
#2) Side kicking, change sides every 18-20 kicks, use the core to transfer.

Main Set:
4x50m freestyle, with 15 push-ups on poolside between each, 15 seconds rest
#1) 25m head up fast, 25m swim
#2) 25m sprint, 25m swim
#3) 25m head up fast, 25m swim
#4) 25m sprint, 25m swim

In the following, focus on using the core throughout
400m: 80% effort, even pacing
300m: every 4th length faster effort
200m: every 4th length side kicking drill
100m: reduce stroke count each length

Warm Down: 200m easy swim alternate backstroke and kick 25m’s

What do you think? What would you change/add/remove?

What do you think?

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