A Year From Now You Will Wish You Had Started Today

Quick! Get going, get started. Do something, anything, just dive on in!

Search for people’s reactions on finishing their first marathon, or pictures of the New York City Triathlon on July 8th, watch the Tour de France and jump on your bike, the Olympics are coming. All inspiring stuff.

You can do it!


  1. photographydream

    I did it. Slowly, in the Irish rain, against the wind, thinking the whole time… I need new running shoes… or my bed… or… 😉 But, I ended up with a lovely 11.5 km. Very slow but I did it. I started today (ah wait, I started Tuesday, does that count?)

      • photographydream

        Race day is too close to be easy but it will be the end of my season before I get my life back and can finally hibernate, something I did not do last winter. So yay! Can’t wait for it to be over!

      • photographydream

        Race day is on September 2nd. And this time, I am not looking forward to it. Summer here is worse than winter, it’s constantly wet, which makes particularly the cycling very wet, cold and mostly dangerous. But hey, it’s gotta be done.

      • coacheamon

        Keep positive! And be safe on the bike. If you can train through bad weather you’ll be fine on race day. Remember why you are doing this and get something out of each session.

    • coacheamon

      Fair enough on focusing on the running, but keep swimming in mind as a great aerobic non-impact workout, as well as a great warm-down or recovery tool. After long runs, if you jump in the water for a 15 min easy, relaxed swim with some kicking, your legs will feel great the following day rather than being stiff and sore!

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