Quick and Easy Transition Tips for Race Day

Of 1,000 tips I could share, here is a short list of quick and easy transition tips which may not be super obvious for you to consider on race day. Remember, opinions are like assholes – everyone has one. Decide how YOU are going to approach race day –  what is right for YOU?

What are the tips you would suggest? Post them below for everyone to read.

  1. In transition, strap your helmet to your bike rather than placing it on handlebars. You don’t want it knocked off as it will be hard to find in the crowd.
  2. Drape that pink towel I know you own over your bike to make it easier to spot.
  3. Take note of your transition location so you don’t spend valuable time searching for your bike after the swim. Write it on your hand if it helps!
  4. Where are you going to put your nutrition on the bike? Do you have two bottle cages – quick and cheap to add extra hydration. Do you have pockets? Tuck gels/snacks into the elastic of your shorts (have you ever tucked a banana into your shorts?). You could tape them to your bike, but don’t do what I did in my first race: tape your brake cables, so they don’t work right when you need them…at the bottom of a hill, when you’re going 40mph and there’s a sharp turn ahead – not fun!
  5. Are you pale & pasty like me? Apply sunblock before the swim to save time in transition, or just a quick application after the swim on your most exposed parts (eg tops of thighs).
       You’ve done all the hard work, now it’s all about resting and reducing the race-day stress. Race hard and have fun!

One comment

  1. onyerbicycle

    Apply baby oil over your legs, arms and neck so that a) your wetsuit feels less restrictive in the swim as it doesn’t stick or rub and b) it slips of easier coming out of the swim.

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