WOW! Workout of the Week: No need to ‘endure’ this set

Goal: A longer endurance set, but not a long, boring slog. The increasing effort as you proceed through the set will keep you engaged and working hard.

Warm up: A shorter warm up with some speed in order to devote more time to the main set.
300m: 50m pull, 50m drill, 50m swim
6 x 50m: 25m count strokes, 25m build to fast

Main set:
500m @ 15 secs rest, 80% effort, build 100m’s 1-5
400m @ 15 secs rest, 85% effort, build 100m’s 1-4
300m @ 15 secs rest, 90% effort, build 100m’s 1-3
200m @ 15 secs rest, 95% effort, negative split 100m’s
100m 100% effort

Within each swim (500m, 400m, etc), start steady with a long and smooth stroke, and increase the pace on each subsequent 100m, so that within each swim your last 100m is the fastest.

The overall effort level should increase with each swim, i.e. your 400m is at a faster pace & effort than the 500m, etc.

Aim to keep your technique together as you fatigue through the set.

Cool down: 3x100m starting at a moderate pace, and gradually decrease to slow relaxing pace. Mix in some backstroke, breaststroke and kick.

Total: 2,400m



  1. onyerbicycle

    Just goes to show its harder on your own. After a day at the office, can’t do the thinking required. Easier to jump in and just swim.

    • coacheamon

      Agreed, it is tough on your own, and tough to motivate yourself after a long day at the office. I can relate!

      I do feel though that my brain wakes up after the warm up and I can persevere through a workout and feel better after.

      It’s fine to switch off and just swim, but make sure you are getting the most out of each session. For your own sanity try and keep it interesting, especially on long sets, by mixing in pacing, stroke counts, drills, breath holding. It will add variety and keep you working hard, rather than just slowly slogging up and down.

      Always have a goal within each workout.

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