4 Steps to the Perfect Bike Fit

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a good bike, but spending money on a bike fit will repay itself just minutes into your first long ride.

Offseason Cyclist

You will be more comfortable, have better technique, prevent injuries and get more power from your legs. It is worth every penny, particularly if you do not have an “average” body. I am 6’5″ and it’s hard (almost impossible) to get a decent bike within my budget, so I invested in a bike fit to help my money go further.

If you are going to get one done, make sure you spend your money wisely and maximize the value. Here’s a decent, quick summary from Active with tips on getting your bike fit.

bike fitting for triathlon


  1. photographydream

    Oh yes, a bike fit will really do the trick. And you should get it done every year because your body and body posture changes as go keep on training. I’d say I’m due for one. Got mine fitted last August. I won’t get another fitting before the 70.3 but afterwards, I will make sure that my bike fits me perfectly fine again. But before that, I need to make sure that my bike rolls faster. I’m always the last down the hill and it’s definitely not me!

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