Raisins Found To Be As Effective As Sports Chews For Fueling Workouts

Now, I hate raisins. Can’t stand the things. They’re chewy, with a gross texture and a vile taste. Hate them! Pickles and raisins are the only foods I can categorically say I do not like.

raisins for nutrition energy training for ironman triathlon workouts racing energy as effective gels chews

I also dislike those energy gels and chews and was delighted to read that raisins are as effective as the sports chews – and all natural too.

New research published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutritionsuggests that eating raisins may provide the same workout boost as sports chews.

As I pointed out in a recent post, bananas are as effective as sports drinks, so pack your cycling jersey with a bowl of raisins and a bunch of bananas!

Keep it natural.


  1. photographydream

    Yes, and dates do the same for you! Actually, early triathletes did have dried fruit in their pockets instead of gels and they didn’t fare too badly, did they? The only thing with dried fruit (and in some people with bananas), you need to get your stomach adjusted to them for a race. That’s why for right now, I am going with my beloved bananas for Galway 70.3 but I’ll stick with the gels as an in-between snack because I know that my stomach can take them. They’re also easier to get down during a run. Next season, I’ll switch completely to home-made energy balls, bananas and dried fruit on the bike (less of a mess) and then just take the two gels for the runs. But as I said, the stomach and the digestive system must be slowly re-adjusted.

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