WOW: Workout of the Week – Race Pace Swimming

Goal: As race day approaches, it is time to swim continuously for 1500m. Rather than setting my swimmers off on a continuous swim, I want them engaged, concentrating and hitting race pace. As such, I break the swim down into 3x 500m and challenge them to swim controlled race pace, swimmer faster as the set proceeds.

Some of the weaker swimmers will do 5x300m to allow for more rest, but the same principles apply – strong technique, controlled pacing and descending times.

Warm up: 10 mins own warm up. Time to practice what you are going to do on race day. Swimmers need to experiment with what works for them in a warm up.

Main set: 3 x 500m race pace swimming, record your time each rep. 20 seconds (or less) rest in between: this should really be 1500m broken up into 3x500m with short rest, rather than 3 x 500m swims.
#1: steady, controlled pace, comfortable but not easy effort
#2: Race pace. If their goal time on race day is 30 minutes, they should hit 10 mins for this swim (1/3rd of 30 mins).
#3: Faster than #2.

Cool down: 10 mins easy swimming.

Total:  ~2,500m


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