WOW: Workout of the Week! Kick and pull

Goal: Work on kicking and pulling, two skills that sometimes get neglected in triathlon. Ultimately, the goal is to kick as little yet efficiently as possible during the race, but working your kick will make it stronger, give your legs an extra workout (don’t tell your running coach!) and help you get more out of the kick with less effort. Less is more, right?!

Warm up:  3 x200 Free:
50 right arm only, 50 left arm only, 50 catch-up drill, 50  swim
50 scull, 50 swim, 50 scull, 50  swim
50 kick on right side, 50 kick on left side, 50 3 strokes + kick on side for 5 seconds, 50  swim

Main set(s): Take 15-30 seconds rest in between each swim

Kick: 300 as medium pace, even splits
200 as every 4th length fast
100 as negative split
50 as 100% effort, as fast as possible

Pull: 400 as medium pace, even splits
300 as every 3rd length fast
200 as negative split
100 as 100% effort, as fast as possible

Cool down: 250 easy swimming

Total:  2,500


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