Workout of the Week: Pairs

Today’s workout is a longer, aerobic set, at the end of which you should be out of breath but not close to puking (think a 6 mile run with different effort levels vs tough hill sprints). Moderate effort, time is not too important but keep an eye on the clock, and keep the pace even and steady.

Do not touch the walls on the long swims in order to replicate open water conditions!
swim workout pairs distance aerobic pacing set swimming triathlon

Warmup: 400 as:
100 swim
100 as 25 drill, 25 swim
100 as 25 kick, 25 swim
100 as 25 build (moderate to fast), 25 swim long & smooth

Main set: Longer swim at steady, moderate pace followed by 100’s at a slightly faster pace. Rest 20 seconds after the longer swim, 15 seconds between each 100.

500 swim maintain consistent stroke count
5x 100 head-up freestyle on 1st length, moderate pace for remaining 3 lengths (get breath back under control and maintain rhythm)

<extra 15 seconds rest>

400 swim, steady pace, good technique (20 seconds rest)
4×100 pull, pace should be slightly faster than the 400, keep an even pace for each 100 (15 secs after each 100)

<extra 15 seconds rest>

300 swim, faster than the 400 but steady pace, with minimal kicking
3×100 breathe every 3 strokes throughout

<extra 15 seconds rest>

200 breathe every 3 strokes
2×100 negative split (second 50 is faster than the first)

<extra 15 seconds rest>

100 fast

Swim down: minimum 200, easy swim, do 10 mins if time allows

Total: 3,500+ yards


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