Knock minutes off your swim time with minimal effort

Most people swim many, many more meters than they need to during the swim leg of a triathlon, adding minutes to their time in the process.

By working on your sighting while swim training, you can improve your swim time quickly and with minimal effort.

I wrote about it in the following article: Open Water Swimming Tip: Swim Straight Like the Pros

Be sure to practice your drills and bilateral breathing – preferably in open water conditions. In so doing, you should avoid results as seen in the following video from the guys at Swim Smooth. It highlights the perils of poor sighting.

Try practicing sighting and say goodbye to long, snaking swims where the end never comes, and say hello to fast, efficient swimming.

Try some of the following swim workouts, adding sighting as a key drill and reap the benefits of a swim time that is minutes faster!




  1. IowaTriBob

    This is so true and in my first triathlon this past summer I was all over the place from the pier wall to the boats on the opposite side of the lane. I’ve also learned since that sighting in a pool definitely isn’t the same as getting practice sighting in an open swim. Great post.

  2. fitolddog

    Swimming straight takes practice, and just in the pool is not enough. Finding something to sight on before you start, or even in a practice swim the day before is important. I also find that people who zigzag are extremely irritating, up to the point of being dangerous as they plow head down through the throng. Took me a while to get this one right. I like the photo! -k (FitOldDog)

    • Coach Eamon

      Indeed, it does take work. I am guilty of being complacent and not practicing it this summer and it really showed in my last race. Folks who can’t sight are irritating, especially when you are nearing the end of the race and just want to get out of the water! The video is great as it shows clearly the effects of poor sighting. Amazing evidence and an eye opener.

      • fitolddog

        Senior moment: I thought it was just a picture with overlay arrows. It is, in fact, a great video, and a salutary lesson. A ‘must see’ for all triathletes. -k (FitOldDog)

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