31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence: #6 Take a Cold Shower

This is #6 of a series of 31 tips designed to be relatively easy to implement but will lead to disproportionate improvements in physical and mental performance and well-being. You can slog your guts out trying to knock 30 seconds off your run time, or select a few of these tips that will likely help with far less effort and toil.

Previous tips in the series include:

#1: Drink Water First Thing in the Morning
#2: Write Down Your Goals (Now!)
#3: Ask an Expert
#4: Start Stretching
#5: Track your progress towards your Goals

Perhaps one of the harder ones so far, Tip #6 is to Start Taking Cold Showers.

Cold Showers are Good For You for recovery for immune system

Why on earth would one be so mad to take a freezing, cold shower?!

I always have a cold shower after working out and feel great after it. My muscles recover quicker, and I don’t start sweating again as I get dressed. In the summer it is an amazing escape from the heat and humidity and on tired mornings it helps me start the day alert and feeling good.

There are a number of benefits, including boosting your immune systemmuscle recovery, wake you up and make you feel good in the morning, adapt to winter, boost your mental strength and get ready to swim the channel – so take the plunge and turn the dial to COLD!

It will be tough at first – shocking even – but your body will adapt. You can just go all in and start with ice cold showers and increase the time you enjoy it, or alternate hot and cold blasts, gradually increasing the time under the cold water. If you’re sore after training, be sure to make sure the water hits the body parts that are hurting.

Here’s a good account and rallying call for cold showers, from Joel Runyon at the Blog of Impossible Things.

And remember, everything is relative. Cold showers are much easier and more pleasant than this:


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