31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence: #10 Cross train

Today’s tip in the “31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence” series is #10: Cross Train.

Mix up your training program to keep it interesting and shock your body. Think through your normal routine and do something different. It will be a new challenge to get you out of your comfort zone and work your muscles in new ways.

Across the ice bridge: Simonov's flickr

Across the ice bridge: Simonov’s flickr

  • Take a spin class
  • Do circuits
  • Race a 5k
  • Try cross fit (but please focus on proper form before pure speed)
  • Do track sprints instead of a long run
  • Do individual medley in the pool instead of miles of freestyle
  • Hit the climbing wall
  • Blast your core with pilates
  • Take up martial arts
  • Improve your flexibility with yoga
  • Train with a group instead of on your own
  • Take a dance class
  • Have a bath
  • Go skiing
  • Play basketball with your friends

On top of refreshing your routine – and we’re all in this for fun, right? – cross-training can help with:

  1. Injury prevention by reducing repetition e.g. endlessly pounding the pavement
  2. Motivation – if you start something new, you will notice yourself improving quickly
  3. Greater fitness – through varied workouts

Previous tips in the 31 Easy Tips series include:

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#6: Take a Cold Shower
#7: Incorporate Drills into your Workouts
#8: Superfoods for Superperformance
#9: Get Some Rest

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