31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence: #16 Do Yoga

The “31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence” is a series of easy-to-implement tips that provide avenues to improve your performance.

Today’s tip is #16: Do Yoga. All you need is 60-90 minutes and head to the studio for a (hopefully) free intro class.

yoga for triathletes to help swimming, cycling, core strength and running

Try yoga. Or rather *do* yoga, remember, there is no try!

Yoga is great for many reasons:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Recovery
  3. Core strength
  4. Balance
  5. De-stressing

It involves 60-90 minutes of concentration and keeping your focus in the room on each pose. I can be very scatterbrained and the focus required at yoga helps me during a tough set or on race day.

Also, I tend to really have to negotiate with myself to stretch after practice. Attending yoga is like a freebie: get 1 hour+ of stretching, core and flexibility work disguised as a decent workout. If, like me, you struggle to do 10 minutes of stretching after a workout, then yoga could help kill the proverbial two birds!

Give yoga a shot, you’ve got nothing to lose…except your stress!

Previous tips in the 31 Easy Tips series include: 

#1: Drink Water First Thing in the Morning
#2: Write Down Your Goals (Now!)
#3: Ask an Expert
#4: Start Stretching
#5: Track your progress towards your Goals
#6: Take a Cold Shower
#7: Incorporate Drills into your Workouts
#8: Superfoods for Superperformance
#9: Get Some Rest
#10: Cross train
#11: Reward Yourself
#12: Don’t Breathe in the Pool
#13: Take a Bath
#14: Do Squat!
#15: Get Yourself a Mentor

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