31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence: #17 Be on Time

The “31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence” is a series of easy-to-implement tips that provide avenues to improve your performance.

Today’s tip is #17: Be on Time.

be on time to reduce stress

The days I am early or on time to practice I find I perform significantly better. I am less stressed, less frazzled, more relaxed and focused, have more energy and find it easier to commit to working hard on what my coach demands.

It makes sense to be on time. It’s good manners and shows respect to your teammates and coach but it is also hugely beneficial to you and your performance.

So, get out of bed 10 minutes early, or build in a cushion for those inevitable delays as you commute to practice. Don’t make like an airplane – be on time!

Previous tips in the 31 Easy Tips series include:

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#2: Write Down Your Goals (Now!)
#3: Ask an Expert
#4: Start Stretching
#5: Track your progress towards your Goals
#6: Take a Cold Shower
#7: Incorporate Drills into your Workouts
#8: Superfoods for Superperformance
#9: Get Some Rest
#10: Cross train
#11: Reward Yourself
#12: Don’t Breathe in the Pool
#13: Take a Bath
#14: Do Squat!
#15: Get Yourself a Mentor
#16: Do Yoga

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