WOW: Workout of the Week! Sustainable Pace

Goal: Sustaining a strong pace. The 100’s should start off fairly easy and increase in difficulty until the last few are tough and you may barely be making the interval.

I did this set last week with my swimmers and it was great to watch. They mostly started off too fast and tailed off towards the end, but really fought to keep up with the interval. It will stand them in good stead when the going gets tough at the end of their mile triathlon swim. My feedback to them after was really slow it down for the first couple and focus on narrowing the range between their fastest and slowest reps – and of course WELL DONE on a strong effort!

Warm up:
300 swim, 200 pull, 100 kick.
4 x 25 build each 25 to FAST @ 10 seconds rest

Main set:
10 x 100 as hard but sustainable effort on a tight interval.
e.g. some of my swimmers have a ~2:00 per 100 target time, so I set their interval at 2:10/15. Select an interval that makes you work hard to hold a strong pace eg 1:40/45 if you can hold 1:30’s for your 100’s, etc.

Cool down:
100 easy swim
6 x 50 drill/swim by 25

Total: 2,100

If you can hold your target pace for multiple 100’s in a set like this, then you will have no problem hitting your target time in a race.


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