WOW! Workout of the Week: Start fast and settle

Goal: Main set includes fast swimming at the start of each rep, to replicate the start of a race when you tend to start hard to get in position and the adrenaline takes over. Start fast and settle into a good pace with good technique. Control your stroke and your breathing. You could throw in some sighting practice for extra brownie points.

Warm up:
150 swim + 100 kick + 150 pull + 100 drill
4 x 25 build each 25

Main set:
6 x 150:
1-3 as 50 fast + 100 steady, aerobic pace (not warm down pace!)
4-6 as 100 fast + 50 steady, aerobic pace (not warm down pace!)

Cool down:
400 pull
300 50 drill + 25 swim
200 25 swim + 25 kick on side
100 Easy swim

Total: 2,600


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