Workout of the Week (WOW!): Kick boredom to the curb!

Goal: In order to mix it up a bit this longer session contains some kick and non-freestyle. The goal of your swim coach should not be to bore you, right?

The kick helps your triathlon in myriad ways, not least ankle flexibility, leg strength and loosening out sore limbs from running and cycling. In terms of swimming, it will help your stroke balance, forward propulsion and streamlining by keeping sinking legs afloat.

Working “off strokes” will give your shoulders a break and allow a fuller body workout. Breaststroke will work the pecs a bit more, backstroke allows your shoulders to rotate in the opposite direction than freestyle – reduce the RSI!

"Kick Butt", from Teeejayy's Flickr

“Kick Butt”, from Teeejayy’s Flickr

Warm up (600):

200 freestyle, every 4th length backstroke
200 freestyle pull, every 4th length kick
200 freestyle drill, every 4th length breaststroke

Main set (1800):

400 free – negative split, aerobic pace
8 x 50 kick, 10 seconds rest, descend #1-4 fast
300 free – descend 100s 1-3 smooth pace
6 x 50 pull, 10 seconds rest, descend #1-3 fast
200 free – descend 50s
4 x 50 non-freestyle, 10 seconds rest, build each 50.

Drill set (600):
3x (3 x 50 drill + 1 x 50 swim):
1) Catchup (kick hard)
2) 6 kick: 1 pull
3) Scull, no kick.

Cool down: 100 breaststroke/backstroke – alternate 25s

Total: 3,100


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