The Best Way to Save Time AND Swim Faster: Do More With Less!

Most of us have limited time to train and/or very well developed procrastination skills. It is very easy to lose a lot of time preparing for or delaying the start of training. Particularly with swimming when you have to get to the pool, change, get in, etc.

I wonder what the average time unnecessarily lost per session is?

Swimming workout for triathletes

From Mike Gustafson’s genius Twitter feed ‏@mikelgustafson

The best way to save time and maximize the training benefit of each allocated hour is to have a plan in place. Know exactly how you are going to spend your time.

We are also creatures of habit, and developing a routine will help us mentally as we avoid stresses, problems and uncertainties that can cause us to lose time or even avoid training altogether.

If you struggle with the swim, you want to ensure you are getting the most out of each session. Avoid wasting time like the above “set”. The best triathletes are ruthlessly efficient with their training. Get in, work hard, get out, move on.

Apply the following  structure to your swim workouts, to ensure you are efficient with your time in the pool. Every swim session should have each of:

1) Warm-up – start steady and increase the pace. do some sprints if you are doing a main set of fast intervals. Include some combo of swim, drill, pull and kick
2) Drills – best to do this as part of the warm-up when you are fresh and can do the technique to a high standard
3) Main Set – this is where the main effort occurs. It might be aerobic or faster, more intense work.
4) Warm down – important to let the heart rate come down to resting pace, and it will help you not sweat back at the office!

Use this set-up no matter how little time you have for a session. It will help you proceed directly and efficiently through the workout  and achieve a rewarding level of work.

Another key tip is to pack your bag in advance, e.g. the night before, so you are not scrambling to throw your gear together while running out the door, and you don’t show up at the pool without a key piece of equipment. Save time and avoid raised stress levels!

Of course, all of the above applies to all sports and training sessions – be they bike, run, yoga, weights, etc.


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