Workout of the Week (WOW!): Start fast, and just keep trucking

Goal: Less warm-up in today’s session to get us used to not always having a proper warm-up before starting a race. In particular, less fast work to get us primed for the main set.

In practice, we should work on replicating imperfect conditions so we are ready to handle anything on race day. Something always goes wrong!

Start fast in the swim and keep going to the end!

Desert Truck Head On, from Cold Cut’s flickr

Warm up: 2 x (100 free /75 back /100 drill /25 kick)

Main set: The main set itself is short and fast work at the front to replicate the initial speed of the swim start, before settling into longer swims. Get used to the initial burst and being able to maintain race pace. If you can do it in a crowded lane, all the better!

4 x 50 Fast: for time
50 easy
4 x 100 Fast: for time. Try to double your time for the 50s, but not slower.
50 easy
2 x 200 Negative split each 200, and number 2 to be faster than number 1 overall.
50 easy
400 Race pace
50 easy

Cool down: 200 easy swim, 100 back, 100 kick

Total: 2,800

How did it go?
Were you able to maintain good speed throughout?

What do you think?

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