Race Week Tip: Get More Sleep

We should be racing fully rested. We achieve this through our taper and a gradual reduction in training levels so our body feels fresh and full of energy.

Tapering and eating well (healthy carbs) are well-documented. One under-rated form of performance enhancement is sleep.

Napping helps boost recovery and triathlon race performance

Asleep. From sk31k’s flickr

One way we can boost recovery benefits is by getting extra sleep the week of the race. You’ll feel fresher come race day, your body will heal quicker from the training miles and come race day you’ll be raring to go!

Recent Wimbledon tennis champ, Andy Murray aims for 12 hours sleep per day, including a 2 hour nap in the afternoon.

Andy Murray gets 12 hours of sleep per night to boost performance

Credit: Getty

Murray says: “Rest is so ­important. On the days when I am not playing I try to get in and do my work early, deal with ­everything else that has to happen, and then get home and have a nap.”

  • Try and sneak in a nap during the day – even just 20 mins.
  • Get to bed an hour earlier.
  • Can you wake up later before work?

My plan for this week, is early nights every night. In bed by 9 or 10pm, read for a bit and then lights out.

On Saturday afternoon I’ll check my bike into transition and then head straight home for one last nap before the race on Sunday morning.

Follow my tips to become both a triathlon and Wimbledon champion!

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