Today’s swim workout: Taper time, hotel pool

This is NOT my hotel! (It’s the Danai Hotel in Greece)

I’m traveling with work this week so I’m stuck with a short, shallow pool. But hey, a bad workman blames his tools, and it being race week it’s important to keep my feel for the water, so in I slid.

I did a 30 minute continuous swim workout, alternating lengths of swim/kick/drill for 10 minutes. I think the pool is 15m so, I started getting dizzy pretty quickly!

I made it a slightly harder, more relevant workout by not pushing off the walls.

I then did a set of 6 lengths:
1 hard + 5 easy
2 hard + 4 easy
3 hard + 3 easy, and so on. 10 seconds rest in between each.

Do the hard lengths fast but not all-out effort. Effort level to be 6/7 out of 10.

Same again, but this time I did it head-up, so I could practice my sighting a little before the race:
1 head-up + 5 easy
2 head-up + 4 easy, and so on.

I finished up with 10 mins easy continuous swim, mixing freestyle swim with plenty of sighting, fast kick, easy breaststroke and double-arm backstroke. The goal being to mix it up a little, get through 10 mins in a 15m pool without getting bored, and to stretch out my body and ease all the aches and pains.

Was a decent swim, felt good after it, if not particularly enamoured with the short pool!

If I was mid-season I would have jumped on the bike straightaway for a brick workout.

Sadly, no one was waiting for me with a cocktail when I finished:

swim workouts for traveling



    • Coach Eamon

      Yes, it’s difficult when on the road. It’s good to train in less than perfect conditions however as come race day something is always less than ideal.

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