The Science Behind Usain Bolt and his 100m World Records

20130731-205618.jpgScientists say they can explain what makes Usain Bolt so fast.

“They say their model explains the power and energy he had to expend to overcome drag caused by air resistance, made stronger by his frame of 6ft 5in.

Writing in the European Journal of Physics, the team hope to discover what makes extraordinary athletes so fast.”

It would be really interesting to see models of top athletes in other sports. No doubt there would be a lot of learning for us all to enjoy and benefit from.

There should rightly be a lot of skepticism however given recent and not-so-recent drug testresults.

One thing I do not like about the article is the following section where the scientist talks about “improving” with a faster tail wind (all else being equal). Of course, he might run faster as a result but he is most certainly not improving as an athlete.

“Bolt’s Berlin record was won with a tail wind of only 0.9m per second, which didn’t give him “the advantage of helpful wind assistance”, he added.

“You’re allowed to have a wind no greater than 2m per second to count for record purposes, so without becoming any faster he has huge scope to improve,” Prof Barrow told BBC News.”

Secret of Bolt’s speed unveiled20130731-205759.jpg

What do you think?

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