Swimming Workout of the Week (WOW!): Pacing

Goal: I’m working on pacing with my ‘beginner’ swimmers. Technique is solid now, and I want them to become well-versed in the art of holding a steady pace for longer periods, in prep for their triathlon swims (0.5 mile, 1 mile, 1.2 miles, etc).

swimming for triathlon - maintain high elbows and good technique during this longer pacing swim set

Warm up:

300: swim, drill, kick, swim by 75
4×50 build 1-4 strong on 10 seconds rest

Main set:

10 x 100: select a time to swim off that gives you 10-15 seconds rest each 100.

Your pace for each 100 should be one that you can hold consistently through the set with greater effort required towards the end of the set.

Maintain your pace and technique as the set progresses and gets tougher.

Cool down:

Easy continuous swim for the time remaining

Total:  ~2,000

How did you do? What times did you hold, and more importantly, what was the range?

(Photo credit: Airman Magazine via Flickr)

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