3 Top Triathlon Tips: Swim Start

The start of a triathlon race doesn’t really matter, right?

Well, while the start itself may not have a huge impact in terms of time, a dodgy start might negatively impact the swim, and your overall race, if you set off on the wrong foot.

So, what can you do to make sure your swim start goes smoothly?

1) Be prepared. Read the race guide and practice accordingly. Is it a dive or jump start from a pontoon? Do you jump from a boat into cold waters? A beach start? In-water start? Single-file one-at-a-time?

If your swim is in sea conditions become comfortable with the waves and chop:

2) Practice. It’s only a few seconds worth, but a messy or stressed start will throw you off your game and make it harder to get into your rhythm, leaving you breathless and distracted. Practice running or jumping into the water and straight into your swim rhythm.

Check out our Swimming for Triathletes Facebook group for the final tip on how to prepare yourself to dominate the start of any triathlon…

swimming for triathletes facebook page for swimming tips workouts and training plans


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