New York City Marathon Tips, Course Strategy and Info!

A great NYC marathon intel report for those running this weekend. Share with your friends who have entered. Good luck to all!


You know the “don’t wear anything new on race day” and all the basics… now, let’s do the NYC Marathon as right as we can. I’ve done this race every year since 2008 (minus 2012 of course…!!) and I can see how logistically heavy it is for someone from out of town or doing their first marathon. So, here we go! Let me know if you have any specific questions in the comments section below!! also, at the end, you’ll find a list of free race week events to attend.

nyc marathon medal


Make a marathon packing list (even if you’re not travelling) and sort it all by stages, here is my Marathon Packing List to start with. Get everything in the list ready as soon as possible. I’d start one month out with this.

The expo is big (probably the biggest one in the US after Boston!), so please bring some patience…

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