Workout of the week: Long Aerobic

I’ve been quiet lately due to moving 3,000 miles across the US, from New York City to San Fran. More work and travel than I anticipated.

On the west coast? Say hello!

One thing I’ve learned in the last month is that life can get in the way of routines (training or otherwise) and it’s important to work hard to keep a regular schedule.

Here’s a long aerobic workout to keep the heart ticking over… I’ve not done great on regular training so this will be good for me – log a few miles without overdoing the intensity.

Warmup: 200 swim + 200 pull/kick alternate 50s

Drill work:
3×100 (50 fist + 50 swim)
3×100 (50 catchup + 50 swim)

Main set: 5 × 500 as (400 build each 100 + 100 easy) on 15 seconds rest after each 500

Remember to maintain good technique as you progress.

Warm down: 200 easy non-freestyle.

Total: 3,700


What do you think?

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