A Fine Example of Smooth, Powerful Technique to Inspire all Triathletes and Swimmers

It’s a sprint breaststroke race but a perfect example of powerful, efficient swimming technique.

In this race, Kevin Cordes broke an American record, swimming 100 yard breaststroke in 50.7 seconds.

Yes, FIFTY seconds!

Kevin Cordes, American Record 100-yard breaststroke, Texas Invitational [Dec. 6, 2013]

You can see how controlled he is for the first half of the race before exploding into the last 50 yards and pulling away from the competition.

That’s good discipline and race management – most of our instincts would be to sprint from the start and end up spinning our wheels. A race killer on a triathlon course just as it is in the swimming pool.

He also does the small things very well – not least his turns. Spending time on skill acquisition – and perfection – can lead to big gains in time, as well as giving you confidence.

It may be a sprint swimming race in a short course yard pool but there are lessons for all endurance athletes be it an Olympic distance triathlon or an Ironman.

As seen on Twitter at @SwimmingWorld and via @swimergency


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