You’ll never believe what I’ve been doing!

I’ve neglected this blog, in favor of in-person coaching and…

  1. moving across the country
  2. starting a new job (and then another one)
  3. getting married
  4. having a baby

Not a bad year at all! I count my blessings…

So, please forgive my absence and pardon the interuption, here’s a quiet and long overdue re-introduction of Swimming for Triathletes.

In 2015 I hope to help thousands of swimmers conquer swimming!

A long, gentle aerobic session to get back in the swing of things. Let’s get the heart beating and the stroke loosened out:

Warm up: 4 x 150 as 100 free + 50 drill

Main set:
2 x 400 descend 1-2. (1) easy build (2) build to strong pace last 100.
4 x 200 descend 1-4, to strong but comfortable pace. Don’t die off towards the end! Start steady.

300 as 50 swim + 50 kick + 50 drill, choice stroke.

Stretch out! Welcome back. It’s certainly good to be back. Here’s to a great 2015.


What do you think?

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