Mental Skills for Athletes: Visualization

A less than ideal situation can easily be turned around using your imagination and the powers of visualization.

When you’re facing a situation you generally dread, stop and analyze the things you feel and say to yourself.  Then immediately counter your negative thoughts with positive alternatives.

Examples I hear often:

  1. I hate morning swimming practice; counter with > BUT, I’m so alive afterwards
  2. Sprint work on the track hurts so bad; counter with > BUT, it boosts my speed so much
  3. A long solo bike ride is boring, counter with > BUT, I boost my aerobic base and get time to think
  4. Do I really have to stretch post-workout? counter with > BUT, I recover fast for my next workout and perform better

Visualize positive states and with the powers of your imagination, you can overcome any doubts.


What do you think?

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