Two Quick Tips for a Perfect Freestyle

Keeping it simple, here’s two quick tips that will help your freestyle technique, and thus your swimming.

  • Head Position

Position your head correctly and your body will follow. Streamlined form means efficient swimming. Lift your head and your feet will drop. Leave your head too low and you create resistance with the heaviest part of your body.

Relax your head and neck. The water should break on your forehead. Look forward and down~45 degrees.

If you look too far forward it will put strain on your neck and cause your legs to drag.

  • Finish your stroke

When swimmers fatigue, the tendency is to shorten your stroke, finishing the pull by your hips rather than down your thigh. Each time you do that, you miss out on a significant portion of each stroke.

More strokes per length means more work. Don’t shorten your stroke, keep it long – both in front (by reaching) and behind by finishing the pull down your thigh.

You should feel the burn in your triceps as you work on this!



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