Mental Skills for Athletes: Confusion

We’ve all had those days when we get caught up in conflicting options.

On the one hand, we want one option.

But then, on the other hand, the opposite choice looks better.

Unsure by Jason on Flickr

Unsure by Jason on Flickr


If this is a regular struggle, you should look to structure your life to eliminate the confusion and lack of clarity.

Make a plan. Plan your week. Know when you swim, run, bike, do yoga, eat, nap, have a day off. Make decisions in advance and avoid decision paralysis, or the temptation to skip workouts.

Don’t chase too many options. Keep things simple.

Doing this will increase your focus, reduce confusion and mixed signals, and allow you to maximize what you get out of each day – be it work, training, family, hobbies or life in general.


What do you think?

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