About The Holistic Triathlete Blog

The Holistic Triathlete blog aims to filter the wealth of triathlon training knowledge out there, focusing mainly on the small things that make a BIG difference.

Featuring swim tips for those who dread the swim, as well as an holistic approach to triathlon and how you can apply everyday lessons to your triathlon training and racing and enjoy big gains as a result.

You don’t have to train 6 days per week for 20 hours like the pros. Focus on the big ticket items that drive the quickest results. This applies to swimming in particular.

This is not your average triathlon blog. It’s a no bullshit zone. No gimmicks, no fancy equipment, just quality content distilled with the goal of helping you improve.

At last you can significantly improve your triathlon racing and training without toiling for hours.


  1. elisariva

    I have a question for you. If you get a chance, please read my report on my 70.3 race yesterday. I had a terrible time with bloating and stomach cramps during the race. Occasionally gels make me gassy, but not like this. I ate Stinger Waffles on the bike, which I trained with. I also trained with electrolyte supplements. I was taking Hammer’s product but found I would still cramp a bit on the run. I changed to Salt Stick about a month ago. I took one every hour during the race and wonder if that was too much. It is what the bottle says, but not everyone is the same. Have you come across this at all?

    • Coach Eamon

      I’m sorry your race did not go smoothly. I’ll write in-depth shortly, but here are a few quick thoughts.

      Your preparation and training look great, and very detailed, but sometimes, at random, we have a bad day at the office. Might be a cop-out but sometimes we have to chalk it down to bad luck.

      Are you drinking enough water to dilute the gels, etc? I find them hard to stomach and take them with water which helps.

      Whatever the bottle states, maybe those guidelines (not instructions!) are too much for your body, and taking less would suffice?

      How was your nutrition during race week? Any dodgy meals or anything new the day before?

      How many times did you use the Salt Stick in training? Maybe 1 month was not long enough for your body to adapt?

      You tested your nutrition but sometimes we can’t explain or predict how our bodies will react on the day. I would say to keep tweaking your food and liquids strategy and next time will be better after this experience.

      Despite your difficulties, take heart in the fact that you persevered and finished, where a lot of people would have quit. That’s part of the fun (and heartbreak) in triathlon – every race is different in terms of conditions and how our bodies perform. Well done!

      • elisariva

        Thank you for commenting. I ate pasta, which is my typical pre race dinner the night before. Nothing spicy. I didn’t have water on the bike, just Accelerade. I was good to drink when I ate. Maybe the sports drink and the supplements over did it. Trial and error I guess…

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