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Who Would Want to be a Triathlon Coach?

Who would want to be a coach?

We endure long seasons of early mornings and late evening practices, have minimal social life and must humor grumpy athletes.

While they are racing, we get up with them at the crack of dawn and hang around for long days in the sun getting sun-burnt in order to support them. We suffer from stress making sure everything and everyone is ready, try to minimize nerves, hoping the athletes race well and achieve their goals.

It’s a tough life.

But I wouldn’t change it.

I just had a bunch of athletes from a couple of teams finish the New York City triathlon and their delight at competing and achieving their goals makes all the hard work worth it.

I love calming their nerves pre-race, reminding them of their hard work and progress over the season, and helping eliminate that self-doubt.

I love when they conquer their fears, go from not being able to swim to tackling a triathlon; when they feel so confident in their ability that they wave at you from the start line and then just jump in and go for it…while smiling!

I love seeing their determination as they speed by on the bike and push up long, hard hills at end of the run.

And most of all, I love their smiles and elation upon finishing the race.

I do it because they have a goal, they work hard to achieve it and through sheer determination they achieve it.

And I do it because I want to be a part of that journey.