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The Biggest Mistakes We Make While Racing

On reviewing my race yesterday I noticed a few things I can improve for my next triathlon. Some of them I was aware of during the race and tried to correct, but it takes practice before we can eliminate bad habits and make strong technique second nature.

Mental: during the bike leg, while being hammered by seemingly endless hills, I was trying to talk myself into skipping next month’s race, or at the very least switching down to a sprint distance. You can justify anything if you want to! I persevered and now that I am recovering I am looking forward to improving in my next race.

Keep mentally tough when the going is hard.

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Technique: At the end of the run, reaching my limits of endurance, I noticed I was hunched over like an old man. I definitely felt like an old man, but that’s no excuse to be leaning over too far with stiff, hunched shoulders. I continuously preach relaxed shoulders and good posture to my athletes, and I couldn’t maintain that good form during the last couple of miles of the run. Something to work on and devote triathlon workouts to.

When you’re hurting, concentrate on your technique and rhythm. Don’t forget what you have been working on in training. It will make it easier – and distract from the pain.

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Pacing: I started at a comfortable pace on the swim, settling into 3rd place  which was satisfying. I even got lucky and had plenty of open water with no crowding. However, after the first  of two  turns I switched off, meaning I lost ground on the leaders and had to swim the second half on my own. I missed that drafting which makes life easier!

Focus throughout each leg on maintaining your pace, so you don’t end up with those annoying slow splits which leave you second-guessing afterwards on what might have been.

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What are the things you can improve next race?