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31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence: #9 Get Some Rest

Today’s tip in the “31 Easy Tips to Sporting Excellence” series is #9: Get Some Rest.

Be it a nap, an early night or a morning lie-in make sure you get plenty of rest. Often we are so focused as triathletes on working hard and packing in the miles, we forget the need for rest and recovery. So, take some time to cut out some activity and jump into bed!

Get some more sleep like this corgi

Not only are athletes who get more sleep likely to be more successful, but those who do not get enough sleep risk injury and diminished performance.

Train smarter not harder: “Our goal is not to train as hard as we can, but to perform well,” professional triathlon coach Matt Dixon says. “And to perform well you have to be very fit, but not fatigued.”

There’s a pro coach telling us how important it is, and here’s a pro athlete highlighting the need for sleep in the midst of tough winter training. Let’s get on board the sleep wagon!

Some tips to try in order to boost your sleep:

  • Grab a 15-40 minute nap during the day
  • Get to bed early (aim for 8 or 9 hours per night)
  • Turn off the TV & take a book to bed
  • Drink less caffeine late in the day
  • Make sleep a priority within your training plan and build a sleep routine
  • Eat dinner earlier so you don’t go to bed full
  • Make sure you take enough rest days (be it days off or active recovery days)

Sleep is a significant part of our lives, so it might seem tougher to improve. We’ve all got so much to do each day! Think about what you can cut out of your evening routine to help you sleep more – turn off the TV and read in bed instead, leave electronics outside the bedroom, etc. What can you do to improve the quality of your sleep, and then how can you increase the hours you sleep?

Once you start getting more sleep regularly, you will very quickly the improvement in general well-being, energy levels and training performance.

All it takes is a little focus on doing less!

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