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A few good links: Monday Motivation 06/18

1) Five Tips To Turn Defeat Into VictoryNever ever give up, always find a way to keep moving forward.

2) I love photography, especially if it’s sport-related. And this is also in connection with a cause that I volunteer for every day. Motivation to support a good cause? Cyclists shot at 1000 frames a second, with spit, sweat and snot, disgusting yet beautiful.

3) One day I’ll help an athlete reach this level. More cool photography, this time from the ITU World Cup, Banyoles where Gwen Jorgensen and Lukas Verzbicas won the glory for the USA: http://t.co/IVjjLW2X

4)  I like reading inspirational pieces and speeches. Here’s how to write your own from the NY Times and this year’s commencement speakers.

5) What is the motivation to cheat? And I wonder what are the motivations behind pursuing Lance Armstrong again. No doubt you’ve read a lot about Lance recently but here’s one that isn’t as supportive as most I’ve read.

“It’s true, Armstrong passed many a test, and that fact has to be taken into account. But what are we to make of the hundreds of tests also passed by riders like Ulrich and Alberto Contador and Tyler Hamilton and Floyd Landis before they were caught? The only way to believe in drug tests as the sole arbiter of guilt or innocence is to believe that none of those riders were cheating until the moment they were nabbed. Unfortunately, that’s no longer possible, since many of them already have admitted to longterm cheating.”